I have always loved to make things and tinker with different materials like wood, metal and plastics, even fabric. As a child I had a passion for woodworking and using my hands to get what was in my head out into the world. As very young kid, my family would give me tools for all the birthdays and holidays and I would walk around the house believing I was some kind of Super "Handy" Man.

When I started Carve and Burn out of my garage in 2018, I never thought it would grow from making names out of pallet wood I would find in the back of stores, to becoming a full fledge personalization and engraving retail and work shop.

Being able to wake up in the morning and go do what I have a passion for is priceless.

The business continues to evolve day by day. I follow the trends and I listen to my customers. I do not mind change and new challenges. Rather, I embrace them and work closely with the client to execute their ideas.

This is only the beginning and as the business grows, so does my relationship with new and returning customers.